The association aims at creating rich encounters and promoting links between different cultural and social world.

With a 15-year experience of production of cultural events in the area of image and more particularly illustration, we are consulted by :
- public institutions, foundations, firms, museums that are willing to organise events or look for specific creations
- artists and students who wants to be published, exhibited or adviced.
- Artistic directors, publishers and everyone who look for an illustrator or a graphist.

Some consulting activities

Le Centre Georges Pompidou
Choice of illustrators for a program of workshops for 3-5-year-old children (Zoom workshops). These workshops were inspired by the work of Martin Jarrie, Sophie Dutertre, Benoît Jacques, Jochen Gerner and Tchikioto).

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Atelier Zoom sur Sophie Dutertre

Spring 2006, Paris-Champs-Elysées, Cow Parade, connection with artists, preparatory meetings to the selections of the art works : the organizers selected three artists proposed by Un Sourire de toi…

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Une des vaches d’Ange et damnation
Blandine Gautier inaugure une des deux vaches créées pour l’évènement

Le producteur du futur (Producer of future)
Publishing consulting and production of an illustrated book on the future energies. This prospective reflection was directed since 2003 by Parisian sociologists, the prospective unit of EDF and 300 employees from different functions and hierarchic levels in the firm.

Le lait du monde (World Milk)
Artistic consulting and production of an illustrated book for the Milk Interprofessional Center. In this book you can find dicta and proverbs from all around the world on the theme of cow, goat and she-camel milk.

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Pirate litteratures
Co-organization of a festival of independent editors, at the same time with “Lire en fête”, in October 2004 in the EOF gallery. 70 editors were represented in poetry, literature, contemporary art, photography, comics…Animations and meetings were proposed.

Cité nature
Via the Cidil (Milk interprofessionnal center), meeting with the curators of a new museum, Cité nature, in Arras who were looking for artists who worked on the theme of cow. A large part of the production of Martine Salavize, who sculpts tall size cows, was rented and sold.

Factory memory
During the exhibition Usine (Factory) in Calais, employees of Comilogue, factory located in Boulogne-sur-mer and on the hedge of closing, visited the exhibition and realized that no memory of their work will be retained. We quickly sent Guillaume Collanges, a photographer, who, guided by the workers, immortalized their work and recorded their words fifteen days before the factory definitively closed.

The pleasant cow contest (1994)
Illustration contest on the theme of “pleasant cow” organized for the Cidil with fanfare and a cow show at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie.