Les Illustres

This book presents more than 150 illustrators published in France on an essentiel theme in illustration : commissioning.

Over 400 images are commented by authors and actors from this art in 3 parts : press, publishing and communication. More than 400 images ! and a complete index. This book is an anthology of the best creations (press, books, posters, etc) by illustrators. In the past ten years not one book has been published on this extremely rich subject.

With : François Avril, Stanislas Bouvier, Les Chats Pelés, Paul Cox, Ronald Curchod, Marc Daniau, Dupuy et Berberian, Sophie Dutertre, Michel Galvin, Jochen Gerner, Miles Hyman, Killoffer, Pierre La Police, Lorenzo Mattotti, Frédéric Rébéna, Philippe Weisbecker…

224 pages · 25 €
four-colour processing · 17 x 23cm
ISBN 2-9513040-2-1

JPG - 24.7 ko
François Supiot et Tchikioto
JPG - 23 ko
Philippe de Kemmeter, Charles Berberian et Philippe Dupuy
JPG - 23.9 ko
Pierre-Olivier Leclercq et Olivier Besson
JPG - 20 ko
Ronald Curchod