Color Star


The book is a fun way to approach the artistic world of 60 artists from France and other countries. Through colouring, one appreciates the work of the artists -illustrators- and discovers various techniques : engraving, digital, brush…

With : Baldomero, Gary Baseman, Laurent Bazart, Guy Billout, Serge Bloch, Blex Bolex, Sophie Dutertre, Jochen Gerner, Martin Jarrie, Killoffer, Lionel Koechlin, Jacques de Loustal, Muzo, Joos Swarte, Henning Wagenbreth...

128 pages · 19 €
black and white · 21 x 25cm
french – english
ISBN 2-9513040-9-9

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Sylvie Bessard
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José Parrondo
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Brian Ralph
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Emilie Bravo
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Emmanuelle Houdart
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Nathalie Lété