We realize thematic events through production of exhibitions, publishing, organization of workshops, meetings and conferences.

Let’s get to work !

Presently, we coordinate a reflection on the theme of work “Let’s get to work ! Work and creation”.

Until 2009, we organise series of events that can be artistic actions, workshops, meetings, publishing, and exhibition in Paris and its suburb.
With the support of Ile-de-France Region, the Ministry of Culture and Communication and waiting new partnerships, we organised the 12th February 2007 a seminar during the exhibition “Et voilà le travail ! Les bâtisseurs en Seine-Saint-Denis”, in Aubervilliers.

Other productions

In 2006, design and production of a book and an exhibition of 36 illustrators who illustrated the career and creation of 36 innovative firms’ founders.

J’ai travaillé mon comptant
Organization of events (exhibitions, readings…) about the book J’ai travaillé mon comptant de Françoise Pétrovitch.

Les Illustres (illustrators)
About the book Les Illustrates, different possibilities : exhibitions, conferences, workshops…

Lire en fête
During the event “Lire en fête” (festival on the theme of reading, books…), presentation of the illustrators’ work on different forms (exhibitions, meetings, signings…).